The Victorian Centre for Biostatistics (ViCBiostat) aims to build the Australian biostatistical workforce and future leaders through a program of methodological research embedded in significant collaborative health and medical research.


ViCBiostat is a virtual centre comprising a collaboration between the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI), Monash University and The University of Melbourne; with senior, mid-career and postdoctoral biostatisticians and PhD students based at each of the institutions.

It provides a hub for methodological research through regular work-in-progress seminars and invited methodological seminars in biostatistics, as well as dedicated support for conference travel and other professional development for biostatistics postdocs and PhD students.

The centre is led by an executive committee comprising eight senior and mid-career academic biostatisticians.

Interested in PhD opportunities with us? Refer to our Research page for projects.


Dr Robert Mahar ViCBiostat

Congratulations Rob on being awarded a 2022 University of Melbourne Dyason Fellowship.

Dyason Fellowships fund University staff to undertake or host a short-term international visit that fosters significant and...

Frontiers in Biostatistics Celebrating 10 years of ViCBiostat

Come and hear an overview of recent advances in contemporary areas of biostatistics, with focus on the cutting-edge methodological research being conducted within this collaboration. This event, chaired by Prof...

Parinaz Mehdipout

Congratulations to PhD student Parinaz Mehdipour who won the International Conference on Plasmodium Vivax Research 2022 Student Prize for Greatest Potential for Future Impact for her presentation on Bayesian Within-host...