ViCBiostat Investigators appointed to the Editorial Board of Significance magazine

Dr Karen Lamb and Dr Damjan Vukcevic

ViCBiostat affliated investigators Dr Karen Lamb and Dr Damjan Vukcevic have been appointed to the Editorial Board of Significance, a bimonthly magazine for anythign and everything about the practice of statistics and the analysis, presentation and interpretation of data. A primary aim of Significance is to communicate in an entertaining and thought-provoking way the value of sound statistical thinking in all walks of life and to demonstrate how the discipline of statistics benefits society.

Karen and Damjan are both active members of the Statistical Society of Australia - Damjan is the current vice-president and immediate past-president of the Victorian Branch and Karen is the former Chair and a current Committee Member of of the Biostatistics and Biometric Section. They are the first Australians to be part of the editorial team at Significance, and will join the existing ten members from each of the Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association along with the Editor-in-Chief Brian Tarran.

Congratulations Karen and Damjan!

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