NHMRC Investigator Grant Success

Congratulations to ViCBiostat Investigators Margarita Moreno-Betancur and Joanne McKenzie on being awarded prestigious NHMRC Investigator Grants.

Margarita’s project Novel methods for analysing causal pathways to disease in longitudinal studies will expand her existing research in the area of causal inference to develop a hub of innovation and expertise in methods for observational studies, including causal machine learning methods for data-intensive problems. This integrated research program will encompass methods development and dissemination, substantive collaboration, and capacity building.

Joanne’s project Improving evidence synthesis methods to enhance decision making about public health and policy interventions will extend her prior work in methodological issues in meta-analysis to further work on methods for meta analysis of interrupted time series, methods for component-based network meta analysis, and examining alternative synthesis methods in reviews that lack data amenable to meta-analysis.