MRFF Grant Success

ViCBiostat investigators and postdocs are co-investigators on trials awarded over $12 million in funding from the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).


Prof Andrew Forbes "The Long-term Outcomes of Lidocaine Infusions for persistent Post Operative Pain in patients undergoing breast surgery (LOLIPOP) Trial" $4,334,375  (PI Professor Tomas Corcoran, Monash University) 


Prof. Julie Simpson & Dr Rob Mahar “ProTreat: an adaptive and rapid implementation trial of novel therapies to prevent and treat COVID-19 infection in high risk cancer patients” $2,169,932 (PI Professor Monica Slavin, University of Melbourne)


Prof Katherine Lee "Telerehabilitation for early intervention to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes of infants born preterm and their parents’ well-being: a randomised controlled trial" $1,819,841.50 (PI Dr Alicia Spittle, Murdoch Children's Research Institute)


Prof Katherine Lee "Does cannabidiol reduce severe behavioural problems in youth with intellectual disability? A randomised controlled trial" $883,484.50 (PI A/Prof Daryl Efron, The University of Melbourne)


Ms Sabine Braat "A multi-centre randomised controlled trial of polysomnographic titration of non-invasive ventilation in motor neurone disease" $3,480,676 (PI Professor David Berlowitz, University of Melbourne)


Prof. Leonid Churilov "A randomised controlled trial of ultra-early, minimally invasive surgery for intracerebral haemorrhage (EVACUATE)"  $2,138,226 (PI Professor Bruce Campbell, University of Melbourne)


Dr Anneke Grobler "Suicide prevention among men in early fatherhood: Determining the effectiveness of Working Out Dads, a group-based peer support intervention to reduce fathers’ mental health difficulties compared to usual care" $951,000 (PI Associate Professor Rebecca Giallo, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)


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