Karen Lamb named as a 2017 Superstar of STEM

ViCBiostat alumni member Dr Karen Lamb has been named as one of the '2017 Superstars of STEM'.

An STA initiative, "Superstars of STEM" aims to support Australian women currently employed in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, empowering them to become highly visible role models for girls and young women. The project will assist these women to build their public profile by providing training in public speaking, media, and communicating with influence, as well as opportunities to use these new skills.

Read Karen's profile here: https://scienceandtechnologyaustralia.org.au/profile/dr-karen-lamb/. 
Read about the other "Superstars of Stem" here: https://scienceandtechnologyaustralia.org.au/list/2017-superstars/