Karen Lamb and Emily Karahalios promoted to Associate Professors

Congratulations to Emily and Karen on their promotion to Associate Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Melbourne. This promotion recognises their many achievements.


Emily commenced at ViCBiostat when she undertook her PhD on biostatistics methods and cancer epidemiology, publishing 6 first author papers in leading journals such as the American Journal of Epidemiology and International Journal of Epidemiology. She then carved out a postdoc career with a joint position at Monash and was part of the ViCBiostat postdoctoral team.  Her methodological work in network meta-analysis (which won a conference award) led to an invitation to co-author a paper published in Statistics in Medicine with the international experts in this area and invitations to write a book chapter with Prof. Ian White. Emily is also an exceptional statistical collaborator, a co-CI on 12 grants, has established major new collaborations through the MISCH Hub at the University of Melbourne and published over 70 papers. Alongside this impressive research portfolio, Emily has been amazing teacher to MBiostat and MPH students, and has shown great leadership as the course coordinator of the MBiostat since 2021 and now Deputy Head of the Biostatistics Unit.

Karen commenced at ViCBiostat in a postdoctoral role, from which she leaped in to the competitive Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. Karen has had an exceptional research trajectory, being the lead biostatistician on many major cohort studies and is now the co-Head of the MISCH Biostatistics Node at University of Melbourne. Karen has also published over 70 papers, is a co-CI on many grants and is currently the lead biostatistical support on 36 projects. She is known internationally for he research in neighbourhoods and health. Karen dedicates an enormous amount to the biostatistics profession, having established and lead the SSA Mentorship Program, co-Chairing the SSA Biostatistics & Bioinformatics section, was one of the inaugural STEM Superstars Cohort, and more recently travelling to meet with Sir David Spiegelhalter with her travel award from SSA/CSIRO and as part of the editorial team of Significance.

Congratulations both on this wonderful recognition of your contributions to the field.