Congratulations Kate Lee on appointment to the ACTA Board of Directors

Congratulations to Katherine (Kate) Lee on her appointment to the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) Board of Directors at the ACTA AGM on November 8. 
This appointment recognises Kate's tireless work in advancing biostatistics across the investigator-initiated clinical trials sector since she first joined ACTA as an EMCR in 2014.
Having since "climbed the career cascade", she is currently serving as co-convenor of the 2023 ACTA Clinical Trial Symposium, and has been instrumental in bringing biostatistics to the forefront of the program. She brought together highly regarded speakers Scott Berry, Louise Bowman, Paula Williamson, Miguel Hernan and Mitch Messer for an invited session on "Efficiency by design: Modern approaches to trial design" that sparked vigorous debate and interest in innovative biostatistical methods.
She was the founding chair of the Statisticians in Trials (ACTA-STInG) Special Interest Group in 2015 and is currently the co-chair. In this role, she has worked to create a number of guidance documents and resources for statisticians, including the "Find a statistician" and "DSMB Directory" online databases.
She was also part of the ACTA Innovative Trial Design Reference Group leadership from 2018 to 2022 where she led the development of a number of guidance documents and educational  workshops and seminars. These resources can be found on the ACTA website.
Congratulations again Kate, and we look forward to seeing more of your impact in this space!  

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