Handling Covariate Uncertainty in Environmental Epidemiology

Thursday, 23 May 2013
9:30am - 10:30am
Vernon Collins Theatre, Level 1, Royal Childrens Hospital
Flemington Road
Parkville 3052

Prof Ryan will discuss the use of Bayesian model averaging techniques for addressing uncertainty in how to adjust for covariates in the context of environmental risk assessment. The talk is motivated by a German study of the effects of prenatal exposure to PCBs on child development. Prof Ryan will compare and contrast some of the available approaches and discuss a new paradigm for how to summarize the effect of an exposure of interest in the context of model uncertainty.


Prof. Louise Ryan

University of Technology Sydney

Louise Ryan is Distinguished Professor of Statistics at the University Of Technology Sydney (UTS). After completing her undergraduate degree in statistics and mathematics at Macquarie University, she left Australia in 1979 to pursue her PhD in statistics at Harvard University in the United States.  In 1983, Louise then took up a postdoctoral fellowship in Biostatistics, jointly between Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Harvard School of Public Health.  She was promoted to Assistant Professor in 1985, eventually becoming the Henry Pickering Walcott Professor and Chair of the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard.  Louise returned to Australia in early 2009 to take up the role as Chief of CSIRO’s Division of Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics.  In 2012, she joined UTS as a Distinguished Professor of Statistics in the School of Mathematical Sciences.  Louise is well known for her methodological contributions to statistical methods in cancer and environmental health research.  She loves the challenge and satisfaction of multi-disciplinary collaboration.