Course summary - Hands-on

The first 2 days contain overviews of a range of topics chosen by the teachers. Day 3, in contrast, will be participant-centric, and we will assist participants with whatever interests them. We have a large collection of additional reading material on the topics covered by the course that we are happy to provide to participants and discuss with them. The aim of day 3 is for participants to explore aspects of specific interest to them.

We will provide an extensive set of exercises with fully-worked solutions, but this day is also an opportunity for participants to discuss their own research projects with us (and with each other). Participants are encouraged to ask questions about their own projects and are welcome to bring their own data. For example, a participant with a particular interest in estimating loss in expectation of life will be encouraged to complete the exercise on that topic under our supervision. If the participant has his/her own data then we will assist in modifying the code to suit